Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our wonderful holiday

I just thought I would share some pics of our wonderful family holiday to Yamba. We have just arrived home and already we wish we were back there.

The weather was beautiful and Ellyse was just a little angel.

Here are a few pics

I am back!

I cannot believe it has been so long between, I wonder if anyone bothers to look any more?

Well good news is that I have my sewing mojo back and I am ready to go! I have been sewing some gifts for all of the kids from mothers' group. We are all about to celebrate the kiddie's 2nd birthdays. I have made some library bags, which I forgot to get pictures of, and today I made 4 aprons. Two boys and two girls. I am putting a tool set with the boy's and some cooking utensils with the girl's. Very sterotypical I know, but I would hate to offend anyone - maybe I will doing it this way - oh well. I have made sure I mention in the card that they can be used for many different things.

I am really very happy with the way they have worked out, the bias binding was a little fidddly but the end result is great. Each of these cost only $3.75 to make. I thought it was great!

I also bought some gorgeous courdry (sp) fabric from SL yesterday and I can't wait to make Ellyse a pinifore (sp = again!) from it. I also have an idea for a friend's little girl who is turning one, I can't disclose on here though as she sometimes visits.
Hope to be back with more posts soon.