Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wordless Weekend

A train ride at Santa Land at Myer in the City

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The very Versatile Wrap!

I remember when I made this skirt a year ago reading on the pattern that it was suitable for pregnant bellies.

Well today I was hormonal, emotional - I'm so fat kindof mornings, trying to choose something to wear when I saw this skirt in the drawer. I thought I would give it a go and I was quite impressed. I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this over summer. It is a shame I put buttons in my other one, I don't think it would fit!

Here are some not so flattering shots from today. Ellyse took the shot of Ashton and I - as if you couldn't tell!

In other news I have volunteered to be a pattern tester for TikiBoo Kids. I thought it would be something different to try. I am looking forward to recieving the pattern and fabric in the mail soon.

I have cut Ellyse's Christmas skirt out and hope to get it all sewn up ready for the lighting of the Christmas tree in the city tomorrow night. I could not find a nice t-shirt for Ashton (they were all big and didn't fit nicely) so he has ended up with a yellow singlet, I will applique a red and white Christmas tree onto it. I searched hi and low for a chesty bonds type singlet but couldn't find one anywhere.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally, some sewing!

My poor, neglected blog. My poor neglected sewing life! I read about sewing alot, I look at beautiful fabrics a lot, I drool over what other people have sewn a lot, I dream about what I would like to do ......a lot.
Well finally I have done something about that. Today I turned the computer off while Ashton was asleep and got into some Christmas sewing. The pattern has been sitting on my kitchen bench for abut 5 days now, waiting to be traced and cut out.

I had traced it before 6 am and have now completed two hats. From the trusty Make It Perfect Lazy Days pattern. Awesome pattern and an awesome hat. This is the first adult size one I have made and I am really happy with it.

And this dress I made Ellyse about a month ago. It didn't really pass the twirl, party dress factor but she does like it and has worn it a few times now, including to the Mathilda's Market.

My next project is a playmat for some really good friends. Their first baby has been a long time coming (you would think I would be more organised!) and I just know how much this mat will be appreciated.
And just because I can, here is a belly shot. 25 week and 3 days now. Mentally I am already for this bub, it is going to be a long, hot summer!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Going to learn something new

When I saw this post of Chaletgirl's I instantly fell in love. It was the first time I had heard about The Quilt Project. If you haven't alredy check out the Flickr Group, there are some amazing designs there.

Any back to Chaletgirl. I saw her design and instantly thought how great it would look in a series, framed and hung on one of my new walls. I really want to have a modern, yet homely feel to my home and would love to have some handmade items around the place. K wasn't as sure as I would as to how they would look, but I think they would be fabulous.

I was so excited at the hairdressers last night to pick up the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens and see my exact idea featured in there. I can't wait to get to the shops this afternoon and pick up a copy. I am not completely sold on their designs yet so if any one knows of good modern designs I would love to know. I plan on going to the library at soe stage to check out their books, and of course a quick google should get me somewhere.

I am looking forward to trying something new.

Oh and look what just landed on my doorstep -

fabric for Ashton's quilt
some pretties for Ellyse
and some Christmas fabric
Blogger not playing along at all with pics, wil try again later.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On a roll

I just loved this little ruffle sleeve top I saw on Sparkle Power's blog. I just knew I wanted to sew some of those gorgeous ruffles.
I have had this fabric for a long time and actually had it earmarked for a dress but I thought the little flowers would be perfect for a top instead. I have actually made two of these today. One for Ellyse, and one for her little friend. Her friend's mum helps me out a lot, she is only a new friend this year but one I think I might have for a long time even though the girls will be going to different schools next year.

Anyway here is my gorgeous girl modelling the top and checking the twirl factor - of which there isn't any.

Now what to sew next? Just so happens that Ellyse bought out a pair of shorts I made Ashton last year and wanted to know if they would still fit him. Well they didn't and that gave me my next sewing project. I have some similar fabric I picked up from Spotlight on sale so I will have to get the pattern from my girlfriend and get sewing.

Our house renovation

We are not quite finished yet, and we are still not set up in our new room, but you can get an idea of the progress here.

We are absolutely loving the changes and looking forward to it all being done.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't fall over, but...

I have actually been sewing.

After wanting to try a pillow case dress for a few years now and then seeing a few of them around I thought I would have a go.

My first effort was way too narrow for Ellyse and has been lovingly passed on. My next effort was much better but still needs some tweaking under the arms. I love the colours.

This is the too small version

I also made Ellyse a top using the Miss Madeline dress pattern. I love this as a top and will be making more.

Stay tuned, it won't be as long between posts as I already have two little tops cut out and ready for sewing. Not sure I will get there tonight, but definitely tomorrow.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket

I have been looking for a jacket to buy Ellyse for this winter but just could not find the perfect one. I was browsing a sewing forum when I saw this gorgeous Sunday Brunch Jacket. I just knew it was going to be THE jacket for winter.

I tried Spotlight for fabric, that was a joke. I ended up at our local Bargain Box and their range of cord wasn't the best either. I settled on some ghastly pink that really only a little girl could wear.

I am in love with the jacket. The pattern was so easy to follow and the jacket came together in a matter of hours. I am not happy with my button choice at all, I am after something a bit more classy so will go on a search in the coming days. This jacket cost $15 to make including thread and buttons (as bad as they are) so I think I will be making a few more.

Here it is with my reluctant model.

Here she is all dressed for kindy wearing her Flipsy skirt - this is my wrong side and her right side of the skirt. I will have to get another shot of the good side!

Don't you just love the 'ballet tights' under the skirt! It is her favourite look.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Turning 4

..really is very exciting when you are Ellyse. I think she has told everyone we have met since her birthday that she is four now. That fact certainly outweighed any gifts she got, or things we did...the most exciting thing is that she is four!
All of a sudden she feels four to me, she can do all of these amazing tricks on the rings of her swing set that she couldn't do last week, she is working out the difference between the th and f sounds, she has finally mastered the k sound (she was using t) and we had this conversation tonight at bedtime.

E 'Mummy can you put my blanket there just next to me?"

M 'I can put it on you if you like.'

E 'No it's ok, Daddy will put it on me in the middle of the night when he goes to bed. You and Daddy can have a race and if daddy runs and you walk then he will be the first one here and he will beat you.'

M 'That is good thinking Ellyse, he will beat me, he will be moving faster than I am so he will get to you first.'

E 'I am clever Mummy, because I am four!'

So being four is pretty cool, especially when you get to celebrate it at least four times!

Celebration One - Wednesday 1st of April (actual birthday)

Daddy stayed home in the morning to see the present opening. Ellyse recieved a CD player, snakes and ladders game, some socks and glitter pens from us.

Ellyse and Ashton enjoying the sounds of Hi 5 on the new CD player

Ellyse went to Kindy as usual and took cupcakes to share. She was so very excited. I don't have a pic as my scanner isn't working but Miss Deb sen home two adorable pictures of her with her cupcakes.

That evening my mum, dad and sister came over for roast pork. Ellyse recieved a new bike helmet and some great hi 5 Cds that come with activity books from mum and dad. My sister bought her a party dress from Espirit (this has become a tradition, although the dresses are usually sent form London), and will be taking her to Seaworld.

Celebration Two - Friday 3rd April

The plan was to host mothers' group at our house and begin our pink celebrations, but the weather in Brisbane was terrible, we had recieved so much rain the day and night before there is no way I could host. So we all met at a play center and had a cake there.

Celebration Three - Saturday 4th April THE Pink Party

We had planned to have about 35 people here, but again because of the rain it had to be scaled back. I was so disappointed and was cranky all day. It rained all night Friday night, but cleared after early showers and was fine all day. We weren't to know this though and cancelled earlier this morning. We ended up with just K's family which was nice, but not the same as having lots of crazy four year olds playing games, decorating goody bags and runny around high on pink sugar!

Hence the need for at least one more celebration.

We celebrated the pink party with pink meringues, strawberries dipped in pink chocolate, pink rocky road, pink punch, musk sticks, strawberries and cream, pink licorice, pink and white love heart mashmallows, baked ham, and a lovely white chocolate mud cake.

It was good fun. I think my pom poms looked fantastic! I wish I had made more!

Well that is one enormous post and I can't believe I have the energy to write it after our day. Enjoy the pics and I will be back at the machine tomorrow to finish a birthday gift for a friend.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Three girls and now.....a baby boy!

A good friend of mine has three delightful daughters and about 3 weeks ago they all welcomed little Will into their family. Actually he wasn't so little weighing in at over 10 pound.

I put together this little gift pack for them, I know Mel will love it all. They live on a farm south west of Mackay so the cowboy applique is perfect.

The fabric from the hat comes from a great pile of fabrics my sister sent over from Japan. I haven't really had the chance to use them until now and I think the frogs make a perfect hat.

Monday, March 23, 2009

More swap photos

I thought I would post some pics of Ashton wearing the lovelies made by Lisa. I also forgot to mention in my previous post that they were all wrapped in a lovely, colourful piecce of fabric perfect for something for Ashton.
I apologise for the terrible photos, I had mini mum telling Ashton "Come on darl smile for your sister (I am the sister and she is the mum apparentely!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

EB Kid's Clothing Swap

I can't believe the time has come to open these parcels. It seems like yesterday that I was thinking that I had all the time in the world to complete them. Well the time has come, that 2 months certainly did fly! I opened my ...well Ashton's parcel from Lisa this morning in a mad rush to get ready and out the door. All I can say is WOW and thankyou to Lisa. I just love handmade items and we were lucky enough to recieve 4 pieces! Thanks so much to Ingrid for organising the swap, it was great fun and a great way to get some sewjo back!

You will have to check out Xena's blog to see full pics of what I sent her, I completely forgot to take full pics, I just took the sneak peeks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sneak Peak

Just a little sneak peak of my clothing swap items. My items are packaged up and ready to be sent tomorrow. Here is a sneak peak until Friday when all will be revealed.

Blogger has made my robot go sideways - this is not an artistic expression (I suck at those!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've been a bad blogger... I thought I had better do a post of some kind.

It is Ellyse's 4th birthday in a few weeks and preparations are underway. Ellyse has three great loves (apart fomr K, Ash and I ), they are babies, Hi 5 and pink. I wasn't going to do a baby themed party, and Hi 5 party is just not my style, so it was left to be a pink party. She loved the idea and we have had many gorgeous discussions since. I remembered that Ingrid had done a pink party for Lottie and I had thought what a great idea it was at the time.

We have a list of pink foods and pink things to do, and last night I designed the invitations. I am no designer and probably have things very wrong in the design world, but I think it looks pretty. Ellyse had a good giggle at the goggle photo.

If anyone is still reading I promise there will be some sewing news soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

EB Haby Swap

A huge thank you to Cecily for the lovely package I recieved.

I am looking forward to sewing something for Ashton with that fabric, it looks lovely.

Thanks for choosing such lovely things for me Cecily, I appreciate it.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sew generous (I know so corney, I just had to do it once!)

What I love about the blogging/crafting world is the pure generousity that comes from so many people.

I reacently signed up for a swap with Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey and whilst giving her some information I mentioned that I would like to use some rocket fabric from Prints Charming's Two Young Street. Katy told me she had just bought 6 yards of the rocket fabric and that it was really hard to find. She so kindly offered to send me a snippet of fabric to get me on my way!

So two days ago (just when I was needing a lift), this beautiful fabric arrived in the letterbox.

The craft blogging community is full of generous people who give, I was so glad to read that about a week ago Katy had also mentioned to another blogger her plans for a quilt and they sent her their leftovers.
It warms my heart to help others also with a recent give away, some pattern trcing for a sewing friend and sending a pattern to another on line friend I know I am sharing the love in the crafting world.
Thanks so much Katy, I really appreciate the fabric.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thelma Clarice Ross

To my darling Grandma,

May you fly free now from all of the pain and suffering you have endured throughout your life. You are special in so many ways and I am so thankful that my children got to know you and make you so happy.

You and Grandad both form so many memories of my childhood, the incinerator in the backyard, the go cart down the hill, the trips to McDonalds, the bingo days, the endless sleepovers that involved playing hairdressers, playing cards, watching the Wheel of Fortune, summer Cricket and listening to the wireless. I think the thing that will remain the strongest is the smell of Oil of Olay(I think it was called something else back then though).

Grandma you have been the strongest woman I have known. Your strength and bravery are just amazing. You showed us this in life and in death.

I am so pleased that after 23 years you and Grandad can be together again. Rest in peace Granny, you will be missed.

Love Andrea

Sunday, February 01, 2009

First day of Kindy/Pre prep what ever you call it

Ellyse had her first morning at Kindy (in Queensland this used to be called Kindergarter, but since the introduction of a full time Prep program they are now calling it pre prep, I can't quite get my head around it so I will probably change between the two terms which mean the same me anyway!), she had a fantastic time and has been looking forward to going back.

Tomorrow and Wednesday she will attend from 9-1:30 and then from next Monday it is Monday-Wednesday 9-2:30. I am as excited as I am saddened that my baby, my little girl, my very first born will be heading off to begin her formal learning. I am excited that she will be challenged, that she will make new friends, that she will thrive in a formal learning environment, but I am sad that we will miss out on doing so many things together, it really is the end of an era. )oh dear I am getting teary). I worry if I have done enough to prepare her, if she will be ok without me all day (am I crazy, of course she will!)... guess I am more worried for me and my feelings as I know how excited she is.

Then there is Ashton to think about. How lovely for us to finally share some one on one time together, to get to play together, learn together and know eachother. Oh how he will miss his little mate though, I have a feeling he will want my undivided attention for a while.

Anyway enough of that emotional stuff. I know she is ready to boss those teachers around, and that she is so looking forward to making some new friends. Here she is on our front stairs on her first day.

And the sheet bag I made for her tonight. I wanted to applique her name on it but ran out of time, will have to add it later on.

Here is some fabric I picked up at Spotlight today. I just love the camo one, if you can't tell it has frogs in various shapes and sizes on it and little orange fish. This will become some shorts for Ashton and for a friend's little boy who turns one in 2 weeks.

This other fabric is called boardshort fabric, I hadn't ever noticed it before but it is lovel and soft and will make some great shorts for Ellyse for next summer.

Oh and I almost forgot these three beauties. I was at a gorgeous quilting shop last week and pickup these three fat quarters for $9. Not sure what I am going to do with them but I think they are lovely.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre prep clothes for my big girl!

I thought I would make Ellyse some clothes for the start of the pre prep year. I didn't want shorts, and I didn't want a tappered kind of knicker bocker so I added four inches to the shorts in this pattern and have ended up with this. I absolutely love them I think they look great, I am just a bit worried they are a bit pjish, what do you think?

I actually did a practice pair with the fabric from my previous post, they were a little shorter than what I was after but Ellyse assures me she loves those too.

Ellyse was so excited to choose some fabric, the next pair are made of purple cupcake fabric with glitter. When I put her to bed today she asked if I was going to make her other shorts, how can I refuse? So eventhough the heat is stiffling I must fulfill her wishes and sew.

And just for a laugh, I thought Ash was a bit quiet out in the yard yesterday afternoon, after investigating this is what I found. A little boy being so helpful picking up our doggy do do. Oh I had to laugh, there is no way Ellyse would ever go near that and if I asked her where the shovel was that we used to pick up the poo I doubt she could tell me. Funny thing about the second born child.....or is it just a boy thing?