Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Firstly, I cannot believe that I have had this blog for 12 months. I was thinking the other day it must be close and I checked and it was the 26th August. WOW, it feels like yesterday that I started sewing for my sweet little girl and that I met all of you wonderful ladies.
Secondly, Ashton is now 5 and a half weeks old so I thought I would share some new pics of him. Now he is smiling it is so much more fun having him in our family, at least a little reward for all the feeding, nappy changing and getting up at night! Ellyse is becoming more accepting of her new brother and has not intentionally hurt him since Saturday last week, a huge achievement for her! Hopefully that is the result of me going over and over and over with her the nice way to touch babies and role playing, praising etc. I was getting quite over it but maybe it has paid off!

Anyway here are some pics

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wonderful gifts from Novy

It has been said before what a wonderful and special little group we have here. I truely do feel blessed to be part of a lovely little community that makes me feel welcome and cared for.

I had some lovely gifts arrive in the mail yesterday from Novy. A lovely little outfit for Ashton and a gorgeous corduroy skirt for Ellyse. Both were proudly modelled this morning. Ellyse didn't take the skirt off all day - well until nap time where she told me "we don't wear skirts to bed mummy, we wear pants" How old is that girl?

Novy's work is just beautiful, so professionally presented - I know I have said this before when we recieved a swap parcel from her.

Thanks so much Novy for thinking of us and taking the time to make gifts for my children (that sounds weird!)