Monday, July 30, 2007

Lovely gifts from Cass

I came home on Friday to find two packages at my door. One was from the lovely Cass. A beautiful baby rug for Ashton and a beautiful little bag for Ellyse. The fabric on the rug says "I love Mummy" "I love Daddy" it is just adorable. Ellyse just loves the fabric of the bag, asking what all of the little girls are doing.

Thanks Cass, you made us feel very special.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baby Ashton has arrived!

After a long wait and a terrifying birth experience our beautiful Ashton Ross has blessed our family.
Here are the promised pics of our lovely, not so little, man. I don't think I mentioned the stats but he was 9 lb 6 oz (4370g or thereabouts) and 57cm, yes you read that correctly 57 cms long!

Friday, July 20, 2007

What a beautiful little girl's room!


.......TO THIS

WOW it is all finshed, who can believe it? I am really happy with Ellyse's quilt, although if I was to do it again I would change the design a little - I think I would have liked a boader of some type.

I just love the colours and the little accessories I have made to join it all together. I will just put pic after pic, I tried to take them from different angles so you could get some perspective.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More nesting!

Last night at about 8:30 I decided to start some sewing. I had been talking to baby Lochlan's mum and she said that he was a bit of a 'chucker' so I decided to make him a little burp cloth that would match his taggie. It should fit snuggly over Kylie's shoulder. The bunting and burp cloth are in the mail now and should arrive in Mackay on Friday.

Then Keiran was still on the computer so I thought I would start to cut out the bunting for Ellyse's room. I made these a lot smaller than Lochlan's as I didn't have much material. I decided to attach bias binding to the top. I have stitched the underneath, now just need to decide how to keep the top down. I am so happy with how her room is coming together and just can't wai tto get that quilt!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sneak Peak at Ellyse's quilt

Not sure I made the right decision with the pink thread.

What do you think?

Nesting in the form of sewing

Well I am here, officially one day overdue. This time tomorrow I will have a better idea of what is going on as I see the midwives at 2:30.

Well unlike the conventional mother to be who cleans and cleans and cleans some more, my form of nesting has become crafting, crafting and more crafting! I am so absolutely tired today, but do you think I could rest? No I have spent Ellyse's whole sleep time making gifts. My house looks like a bomb has hit it with fabric, interfacing and associated stuff everywhere! Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will feel like cleaning it??

Firstly I have made Ellyse a 'big sister' shirt. This hand stitching takes so long but I really do like the way it looks. I used some of the cherry print Corrie sent me as part of a prize. I am hoping that the little skirt I had already made Ellyse in this fabric may still fit. Otherwise I have some pants in mind.
Next, my girlfrind Kylie just had her second son Lochlan. i made him some gifts last week, but have been wanting to try some bunting so I had a go. Kylie made this gorgeous cot quilt for him, so when I saw this blue star fabric last week I just knew it was perfect. This was so easy, I haven't stitched the edges or around the lettering, I have just used 'heavy heave' interfacing and vlisoflex.
It has worked out a lot bigger than I thought, so for next time I would change the size of the triangles.

Then lastly today I made a Little Artists Drawing Case from this tutorial at Craft Apple for my friend's daughter's 4th birthday. I realised that she is having her party in just over a weeks time and if I didn't make it soon I could possibly still be in hospital come the party. I am also going to make her some bunting out of the left over fabric. Her name is Maya so it won't take me as long!

What I plan to do tonight is make some more paper chain dolls that fit into a smaller photo frame, these will go just inside Ellyse's door, I have chosen another spot for the mini blocks. I also need to put the other dolls together. Hopefully this can all get done before bub comes, it may even give some time to clean up!

Lastly I thought I would add my full term photo. I hate the way I look full term, my face gets so puffy. I more hate that the first photos we have with the baby I just don't look like me :(. Let's just hope I don't go too far over so it doesn't get any worse. I can't believe how big my little baby Ellyse looks in the photo - I know it will just be worse when bub is here.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Novy's Handtowel

I loved the idea of Novy's Handtowel both for me at home and as a little gift. I have cut out enough to make 6 of them but slowly started with one.

A great gift and a great way to use up little bits of fabric.

Was going to give a sneak peak of my little doll chain but my battery just went flat.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What do you think?
I made these little wall hangings for Ellyse's room. They are just little versions of her quilt blocks. In my mind I thought they would look just wonderful, but now they are done I am worried that they are a little grown up for her.
I am not sure where I am going to place them in her room, whether they will be altogher or in groups of 2. She has a little wall as you walk in and I thought 4 running down would be good??? Now I just don't know.
Honestly, what do you think?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Baby Lochlan, Big Brother Mitchell and Birthday Girl Chloe

I have been busy sewing gifts for a close girlfriend's newest arrival. Here I was thinking I had plenty of time as Kylie went over with Mitchell. I got a phone call on Saturday to say that little Lochlan Grant had arrived on his due date, 7/7/07. Lucky I had already bought what I needed to make his little gift. I had to make Mitchell a 'big brother' shirt too.

It was another friend's little daughter's 2nd birthday last week also and I must admit I completely forgot. I whipped up this little bag yesterday and sent it with some play money for the shop and a lai - I wanted some cute little dress ups but in my rush I left it too late. I am happy with the little bag - it took me way too long - I will blame the pregnancy!