Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket

I have been looking for a jacket to buy Ellyse for this winter but just could not find the perfect one. I was browsing a sewing forum when I saw this gorgeous Sunday Brunch Jacket. I just knew it was going to be THE jacket for winter.

I tried Spotlight for fabric, that was a joke. I ended up at our local Bargain Box and their range of cord wasn't the best either. I settled on some ghastly pink that really only a little girl could wear.

I am in love with the jacket. The pattern was so easy to follow and the jacket came together in a matter of hours. I am not happy with my button choice at all, I am after something a bit more classy so will go on a search in the coming days. This jacket cost $15 to make including thread and buttons (as bad as they are) so I think I will be making a few more.

Here it is with my reluctant model.

Here she is all dressed for kindy wearing her Flipsy skirt - this is my wrong side and her right side of the skirt. I will have to get another shot of the good side!

Don't you just love the 'ballet tights' under the skirt! It is her favourite look.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Turning 4

..really is very exciting when you are Ellyse. I think she has told everyone we have met since her birthday that she is four now. That fact certainly outweighed any gifts she got, or things we did...the most exciting thing is that she is four!
All of a sudden she feels four to me, she can do all of these amazing tricks on the rings of her swing set that she couldn't do last week, she is working out the difference between the th and f sounds, she has finally mastered the k sound (she was using t) and we had this conversation tonight at bedtime.

E 'Mummy can you put my blanket there just next to me?"

M 'I can put it on you if you like.'

E 'No it's ok, Daddy will put it on me in the middle of the night when he goes to bed. You and Daddy can have a race and if daddy runs and you walk then he will be the first one here and he will beat you.'

M 'That is good thinking Ellyse, he will beat me, he will be moving faster than I am so he will get to you first.'

E 'I am clever Mummy, because I am four!'

So being four is pretty cool, especially when you get to celebrate it at least four times!

Celebration One - Wednesday 1st of April (actual birthday)

Daddy stayed home in the morning to see the present opening. Ellyse recieved a CD player, snakes and ladders game, some socks and glitter pens from us.

Ellyse and Ashton enjoying the sounds of Hi 5 on the new CD player

Ellyse went to Kindy as usual and took cupcakes to share. She was so very excited. I don't have a pic as my scanner isn't working but Miss Deb sen home two adorable pictures of her with her cupcakes.

That evening my mum, dad and sister came over for roast pork. Ellyse recieved a new bike helmet and some great hi 5 Cds that come with activity books from mum and dad. My sister bought her a party dress from Espirit (this has become a tradition, although the dresses are usually sent form London), and will be taking her to Seaworld.

Celebration Two - Friday 3rd April

The plan was to host mothers' group at our house and begin our pink celebrations, but the weather in Brisbane was terrible, we had recieved so much rain the day and night before there is no way I could host. So we all met at a play center and had a cake there.

Celebration Three - Saturday 4th April THE Pink Party

We had planned to have about 35 people here, but again because of the rain it had to be scaled back. I was so disappointed and was cranky all day. It rained all night Friday night, but cleared after early showers and was fine all day. We weren't to know this though and cancelled earlier this morning. We ended up with just K's family which was nice, but not the same as having lots of crazy four year olds playing games, decorating goody bags and runny around high on pink sugar!

Hence the need for at least one more celebration.

We celebrated the pink party with pink meringues, strawberries dipped in pink chocolate, pink rocky road, pink punch, musk sticks, strawberries and cream, pink licorice, pink and white love heart mashmallows, baked ham, and a lovely white chocolate mud cake.

It was good fun. I think my pom poms looked fantastic! I wish I had made more!

Well that is one enormous post and I can't believe I have the energy to write it after our day. Enjoy the pics and I will be back at the machine tomorrow to finish a birthday gift for a friend.