Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ok, I am really nervous about doing this as I am not sure that there are too many readers of my blog, and also because I am not sure that my sewing is good enough to give away....anyway those fears aside I am going to give it a go.

Blogger won't let me post photos so do you remember this dress? Ever since I made it getting Ellyse to wear it has been a struggle. At first it was not pink enough, but now she complains of the shirring being too tight on her chest.

I can't possibly keep making her wear a dress that is uncomfortable so I thought I would offer it as a giveaway as I just hate seeing it hang in the cupboard unloved.

So if you have a darling little girl in your life that you think would fit this dress (I would guess the shirring would be about a size 2 if Ellyse is finding it uncomfortable) then please leave a comment by Friday and I will do the random number thing to pick a winner.

Come on lurkers out you come (I hope there are some!).

Good luck to everyone.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas

What a joy it is to feel and see te joy of Christmas through our children's eyes. This is the first year that Ellyse has had a little understanding of Christmas, but I still don't think she entirely 'got it'. But she definitely got it enough to be excited and overjoyed with her gifts.

She did totally forget it was Christmas though, she walked staright past her presents under the tree into our room, after about 25 minutes the following conversation occurred -

E - "Mummy is it Christmas today?"
A - "Yes darling it is."
E - "Oh ok then."

A - relieved to get anouther 5 minutes lay in bed until Ash woke and we decided we should get up. Even when we got up she was more interested in having breakfast thanseeing the presents, and that Santa had eaten the biscuits. So innocent and so cute.

Santa bought Ellyse a new (big girl) bike, we cannot believe how good she is on it. She also got a scooter from mum, I am sure Ashton thinks they are for him too. It is too cute watching him trying to climb up onto the bike. An accident waiting to happen for sure.

Here she is riding her bike -

My darling husband surprised me with a new sewing machine. I was complaining about my walking foot last week and told him taht would be a great gift - turns out the machine he bought me came with a free walking foot, he told me he bought me a walking foot that came with a free machine!

It is a Janome Quilters Companion and I am not really sure what it can do yet. I know it has 60 stitches (including a blanket stitch hich will save me so much time!) and that it has electronic functions.

I have started sewing on my new machine, I have made two little skirts for some gorgeous twin girls who we will visit tonight. They are friends of friends and when our friends are in town we often meet up at their house. Megan has commented on sewing I have done for my friend's little girl so I thought it was a good excuse to use my new machine.

I saw this tutorial last week and liked the little ruffle so I used that idea with a normal elastic casing waist - nothing fancy but I think they look quite sweet. I know Megan will love them. Ashton is the same age as the twins so I used him as a model and for sizing - he is loving Ellyse's sunnies at the moment which also adds to the look.

I am looking forward to quilting the little dolls quilt I made earlier in the week on my new machine.

I just had to add pics of these gorgeous handmade gifts my friend sent for Ellyse and Ash, they are just adorable and I can't wait to take them off the tree and hang them in their rooms.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas.
Thank yo uso much for taking the time to read my blog and make comments to keep me motivated this year. I just looked through each month and I definitely had a slow start to the year in terms of sewing, but the sewjo came back at the end of the year. I hope to try many new things next year with Ellyse going off to pre prep 3 days a week, so just Ash and I at home.
Enjoy your time with your families tomorrow and see you soon.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nothing like sewing at the last minute....

Well last night I got a bad case of the guilts. Why you ask? I have done a lot of hand made items as Christmas gifts this year and I am extremely proud of that, but none for either of my kids. So today with left over fabric from this project I got set to work.

Ellyse recieved a Little Mermaid Doll for Christmas from her Aunty and Uncle so I thought a doll's quilt for her would be perfect given the fabric. I quickly drew up a design and changed it about 3 times, then I started cutting, changed my mind again, then started sewing. It took me just over 2 hours from start to finish (just the top, not wading, quilting, binding), and I am excited. I think it looks just wonderful. The design is by no means original I am sure but it is a first for me. I don't think I can see it being wrapped around dolls and dragged around by Ashton so I think I might hang it in either the play area or Ellyse's room.

I am not sure how I am going to quilt it yet, not sure if I will get to do it before Christmas or not, I am hoping to.

I have also made a Margaret Bag for my closest friend for Christmas, I am giving it to her tongiht, I am really excited as I know she will just love it. I am looking forward to making some more of these. The pattern was fantastic, so easy to follow and the bag is a great size.

The sewing girls over at Essential Baby participated in a Secret Santa recently. I was sewing for Susan. After cheekily finding out her favourite colour and what she would like I made her an apron, a Tin Whistle bag and some coasters. I also made her son a drawing case. I didn't take the best pictures of what I made, but here they are anyway.

I would like to say that is all of my sewing finished, but I still have a drawing case to make and some beach balls. Best get to it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Secret stuff reveal and today's sewing

Well the secret little packages featured in my previous post were in fact little gifts for the Brisbane girls on Tuesday. I made four bias tote bags for each of the girls (I included myself, aren't I lovely?), Marie I will have to post yours to you!

Thanks to Susan and Suzanne for a lovely meet up on Tuesday, I look forward to another one in the new year.

I made two of these retro dresses today as gifts my good friend's daughters. I am so pleased with them and cannot wait to give them to the girls. I am a bit cranky that I didn't think to center the gold and fuschia one, the pattern is just a little off center, but whrn Lauren is wearing it I doubt anyone will notice. I also noticed on the blush dress that the mermaids are swimming up at the front and down at the back, again I am sure it will not be noticed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret Santa and other secret stuff

A big thank you to Natalie for our wonderful SS parcel. Natalie has gone to so much effort to create something individual for me and the kids. I just love everything.

Included in the parcel was

- an appliqued shirt for Ashton (both sides, how cute is that?)

- a shirt with heart shaped yo yos and other gorgeousness for Ellyse

-a ruffle apron for me
-magazines for me
-some tree ornaments for decorating our home
-all wrapped in some beautiful floral fabric that will no doubt become something for Ellyse.

Thanks so much Natalie, we truely appreciate your effort.

I have been working on some other secret stuff tonight, all will be revealed tomorrow - actually that is today as it is 2 am!!!

And just to finish a photo of alittle outfit I gave to a little one yee old (Ellyse speak) on Sunday. My present was the last to be opened and prior to that the mum had opened about 4 sets of Pumpkin Patch clothes so I was feeling a little nervous. I was so pleased when she told me afterwards how much it meant to her that I had put in the effor to create something. My satin stitch is totally dodgy, especially the wheels, but she didn't seem to notice.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's a wrap

My latest Versatile Wrap is complete and it was decided by all that pink was the colour to use as a top so here it is!

The pattern is designed by Toni at Make It Perfect. I was lucky enough to win a competition that she ran on her blog and recently I recieved the pattern for The Summer Fling in my letterbox. I am really excited and can't wait to give it a go. Thanks Toni.

This next photo is a little set I made as a gift for a one year old little boy. I have actually made another pair of shorts for another little boy, but I (but most likely Keiran) have misplaced the top so I can't finish it just yet.

and lastly a sneak peak at my EB Secret Santa. I sent it off to the recipient today, I hope she likes it all. I definitely enjoyed sewing for you!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What colour would you wear with..

..this skirt?

Sorry for the bad photo, it is late and I am tired and really want to get to bed!

I was always thinking yellow, and even have my eye on one to get......but Keiran thinks getting a red/deep pink would be better. It was too late to argue so I thought I would get your opinion.

And for those lovely EB girls who helped me make my decision on which dress to wear last Saturday night here are a few pics.....early in the night, trust me I don't want to show the ones later in the night, they might ruin my reputation (not that bad really).