Monday, July 28, 2008

Songs to make you smile

Today Ellyse and I went to see Justine Clarke's show - Songs to make you smile. It was great fun and it sure did make me smile. Ellyse just loved the songs, eventhough she was not familiar with any of them. She was soon singing and dancing along. I just love the feeling at these shows, all of the parents with their children who are just so excited to be there. Watching Ellyse respond to Justine was magical.

We bought the DVD and Justine was signing copies, so we lined up and Ellyse got her copy signed. She wanted to tell Justine all about Ashton and her other babies at home, it was very cute.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My baby is 1

Ashton turned one on Tuesday and I thought what a great way to get back inot blogging, it sure has been a while. I can't believe it was a whole year ago that we welcomed him into the world.
We had a lovely party with our families and some close friends on Sunday, Brisbane turned on a beautiful winters day, it was just perfect. Ashton wasn't looking his best after a fall out of the sandpit on Friday afternoon, but I still think is is awfully cute. Ellyse was in her absolute element being the big sister and helping with everything from the pinata to the present opening.
We are looking forward to another magical year with our 2 beautiful children.

To borrow Tiger Filly's term -Ashton is such a snuggle bunny, he is forever crawling up to someone, popping his thumb in his mouth and going in for a cuddle. In this pic Ellyse is so zoned out watching Hi 5 that she didn't take much notice!

A bit of picture overload but I have a lot to make up on!