Monday, February 18, 2008

Time for an update!

Well I have lost my sewjo commpletely and with things being busy around here I just have not had a chance to do anything! I am feeling the love for sewing coming on again and I am determined to find a good pants pattern for Ellyse and sew her some winter clothes. I cannot even remember the last thing I made her - I know I made some pants 2 days before I had Ashton, but she refuses to wear them - the denim is quite heavy - they are so cute though, such a waste.

Ashton is now 7 months old, I just cannot believe it, just yesterday he started to move around in much the same way that Ellyse did - drag your body along the floor. I must say he much more effective than Ellyse in the early stages, there is so much more in the house now for him to grab, the hard yards are about to start with teaching him what he can and cannot touch. Ellyse was very easy, but as I said, there is so much more for him to touch now - and it all has an owner that may not alwys like to share!!

We really did have terrific twos rather than the well known terrible twos, however I think we are about to suffer with the threes! Anyone experienced that? She is really a delight, just testing me lately.
Ashton in the pool

Ellyse feeding just like Mummy was in a resturant the night before

My sister who was visiting from Japan

The fun begins

I was going to put my EB V day swap pics in, but best not until they are recieved by Ingrid, meaning there WILL be another post soon, I must keep my place in the ring.