Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A very belated birth announcement

....and then there were 5!

On Wednesday 3rd March, 2010, we welcomed a new a much wanted memeber to our family. Lewis Ross Arthur King arrived in spectacular fashion after a very short final stage. Let's just say after a wonderful naturla delivery with Ellyse, a caesar with Ashton and a forceps delivery (5cm to delivery in 20 minutes) we have seen it all.

It seems as though Lewis has always been part of our family and I am happy to report that for me the transition form 2 to 3 children has not been an issue. For those who have been reading my blog since Ashton was born might remember a few battles I had when he was born.

Life with 3 children is busy and tiring but I know now that my heart is full and that our family is complete.

Lewis is now nearly 8 weeks old and an absolute delight. I can see the light now, the newborn cloud is lifting and I can see me getting some time and motivations to sew soon.

Here are some pics of Lewis' first 8 weeks!