Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On a roll

I just loved this little ruffle sleeve top I saw on Sparkle Power's blog. I just knew I wanted to sew some of those gorgeous ruffles.
I have had this fabric for a long time and actually had it earmarked for a dress but I thought the little flowers would be perfect for a top instead. I have actually made two of these today. One for Ellyse, and one for her little friend. Her friend's mum helps me out a lot, she is only a new friend this year but one I think I might have for a long time even though the girls will be going to different schools next year.

Anyway here is my gorgeous girl modelling the top and checking the twirl factor - of which there isn't any.

Now what to sew next? Just so happens that Ellyse bought out a pair of shorts I made Ashton last year and wanted to know if they would still fit him. Well they didn't and that gave me my next sewing project. I have some similar fabric I picked up from Spotlight on sale so I will have to get the pattern from my girlfriend and get sewing.

Our house renovation

We are not quite finished yet, and we are still not set up in our new room, but you can get an idea of the progress here.

We are absolutely loving the changes and looking forward to it all being done.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't fall over, but...

I have actually been sewing.

After wanting to try a pillow case dress for a few years now and then seeing a few of them around I thought I would have a go.

My first effort was way too narrow for Ellyse and has been lovingly passed on. My next effort was much better but still needs some tweaking under the arms. I love the colours.

This is the too small version

I also made Ellyse a top using the Miss Madeline dress pattern. I love this as a top and will be making more.

Stay tuned, it won't be as long between posts as I already have two little tops cut out and ready for sewing. Not sure I will get there tonight, but definitely tomorrow.