Monday, November 05, 2007

The little blue car

I just love it when the little blue car pulls up outside our house, and the lady with the bleach blonde hair so happily walks up our garden stairs and calls out "mail!" This is what happened today and I was so excited! She must love her job, seeing people so pleased to be recieving things they have been waiting for, or better still being suprised with.

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some fabric I ordered from the humming mini, some very cute cowboy fabric destined to become more little artists drawing cases. I was pleasently suprised to find some freddo frogs in there for Ellyse and a big package wrapped for me. Helen had sent her raggedy edged quilt as a loving gift for Ashton. Thank you Helen, the blanket Cass made us gets a work out every day so now we can alternate! The colours are so bright and cheerful.

Here are both kids loving the quilt!

And lastly just a little Happy 85th Birthday wish to my Granny, you are an inspiration, we are lucky to have you as a Grandma and Ellyse and Ashton are so blessed to havea Great Grandma. This photo was taken at my cousin's wedding on Saturday.

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Cass said...

Love the quilt, well done Helen. Andrea I can't believe how big Ashton is looking.