Thursday, May 08, 2008

Today's sewing..

...just couldn't think of a good title tonight.

Well I decided to use my Ellyse free day wisely today, in a few weeks that day will be gone as I am going back to work.

I completed this pinni for her which I decided to make reversible - two dresses in one, why not? I chose some lovely soft pink corduroy and some gorgeous cream fabric with little pink flowers that I recieved from Novy in a swap we participated in awhile ago. I just love the fabric and think that it is perfect for the pinni. The pinni is a littl big but we should get away with a long sleeve shirt underneath. I am a bit disappointed with my sewing, I just better keep practising!

I made Ellyse these pants last year to go with her 'big sister' shirt. I will never forget the nesting I went through while I was pregnant with Ashton. There was no cleaning involved, it was all sewing. I made these pants on the Friday when I was already 5 days overdue. The plan was that Ellyse would wear them to the hospital with her matching big sister shirt. My poor mother in law got so distressed when Ellyse refused to wear them because they were scratchy, MIL thought I would be devastated - turns out I had more important things to worry about!

Anyway I have been washing them almost weekly for 10 months and they are still as stiff as a board, but I thought I would try my luck again today and she put them on without a fuss and wore them all day! I just love them.


Cass said...

Andrea, the pinni looks great. From the photos it doesn't look too big at all

Little Munchkins said...

I agree with Cass, it doesn't look too big. She will grow into it in no time at all.

I did recognise the fabric too. I have the same fabric but in a different colourway. I think it worked well with the pink cord. Cute pinni! Ellyse looks good in it and love the trim at the hem of the denim too.

Kylie said...

Andrea - It turned out well in the end - well done! Love the colours and just look at how long Miss E's hair is getting!

I made a dress for Amelia with denim last year - and I loved it to although it was very stiff (worked ok for a dress though!)

PinkLizzy said...

Those pants are too cute.