Thursday, December 28, 2006

My sister's wedding

Well after all of the long distance planning and stress regarding the flower girl dress, the wedding went off without a hitch.

Poor little Ellyse has been dragged from pilar to post for the last 2 weeks, sleeping in all different places, meeting lots of new people and being babysat a lot. I cannot believe how well she coped and was just a star at the wedding. The only little hiccup was the olive green tupperware container that doubled as the bouquet. She just wouldn't let it go eventhough the grapes were finished! It was cute though, and something everyone will remember.

I was so pleased with the decision for K's sister to take her for the evening. It was great for her to leave at 5 and for K and I to enjoy the night.

My sister looked just beautiful, the whole look of the wedding was jut perfect.

Enjoy the photos.

Ellyse with her 'bouquet'

Ellyse with the bride and groom

My sisters and I - how different can we be?

Ellyse and Daddy throwing stones into the dam


Cass said...

Andrea, Elyse looked beautiful and of course so did you and your sister. Well done on the dress

tigerfilly said...

You all look divine and it sound like you had a fabulous time!

Kylie said...


It looks as though you had a great time. And ellise looked so very cute - well done ont he dress.

Take care

Helen said...

Andrea, awwwww, love beautiful wedding shots! You all look lovely and Ellyse looks so cute! LOL at her insisting on carrying her tupperware container down the isle. Very cute! :)

Liv said...

Great work on the dress. It looks soo different in a satin. Looks great. Loce the wedding pics.

Leah said...

Love the Wedding pics Andrea! And Elyse looks like a dolly varden - you could stick her on a cake! :) Too cute!

Joanne said...