Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Secret Santa has arrived

I was so excited to see an express post package at my door this afternoon and loved opening it up. Thankyou so much to my secret santa I absolutely love everything you chose for us.

We got
* a beautiful pair of shorts and matching top
* 3 pieces of fabric
*some lovely pink ric rac
*2 gorgeous little strawberry buttons

Please excuse Ellyse's smile at the moment, she just loves playing it up to the camera. I am hoping to tone it down a little before the wedding!


novy said...

Oh Andrea, I love cheesy grins. DS used to do it all the time and I kind of miss it now. Ellyse is so cute!

Cass said...

Andrea, looks liek a rgeat haul there. Well done Novy, I am assuming you were the SS in this case.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful and Ellyse is such a cutie!

Marie said...

Ohh, great pressie...thanks for showing up. Reminds me to send mine off today.