Monday, May 14, 2007

Ellyse's quilt so far

WOW what an effort it was to get all of those blocks sewn together this afternoon! It is just straight lines and very easy but I am feeling very stiff from sitting at the machine for so long.

I was desperate to get them done today so my friend can help me lay them out tomorrow.
I am so excited about it.

As I was sewing it I was concerned about some of my fabric choices, but laying them down like this gets me all excited. In each pile there are 5 different blocks, all with the same boarder but a different middle. I am looking forward to the challenge of getting them all layed out.


Kylie said...

Andrea - I am in love with this quilt - love the colours and the layout!

Cant wait to see it finished! Have fun sandwiching it together today

Cass said...

Andrea it looks great. Looks like we are losing you to the dark side LOL