Wednesday, June 27, 2007

YAY some sewing

Well I am thinking that maybe I am starting to nest and that this may include some sewing mojo. The plan with this fabric was to make a little pinni to match others I made for my friend's little girls...but I just thought we would get more use out of a skirt.

Last summer I had the little twirly skirt all sorted, I had my own little way of doing it - well that was all forgotten last night and I made things a lot more difficult for myself!

Anyway I am generally very happy with how it turned out, it was the look I was after and I seem to have got the length perfect. It definitely needs a 'lift' though. I was thinking either orange or pink ric rak around each teir - what do you think?

I am looking forward to sewing a bit more now before bub arrives - 2 weeks to go!

And a big thanks to Kim, I couldn't find my wool but used embroidery thread and it worked



Cass said...

Andrea, the skirt looks great. I think some ric rak would look lovely. Not long to go now, very exciting

Kylie said...

Andrea the skirt looks great - I think that the orange rick rak would look good! I like that material is it cord?

Kim said...

The skirt looks great Andrea! It reminds me a bit of pumpkin patch clothes...and you're welcome!

Andrea said...

Yes Kylie it is cord, from SL.

Kim, I looked at the PP catalouge after I made it last night, I wish I had looked at it forst, I may have tried something a little different. I went into PP today and am astonished at their prices. That skirt cost me about $7 and they want $35 for theirs.

novy said...

I remember seeing that fabric at SL. Ellyse looks gorgeous in that skirt, then again she looks beautiful in everything : )

lolliegirl said...

Love the colour of the fabric Andrea. The skirt looks great!!

Helen said...

I'll second the orange rick rack. the skirt looks fantastic anyway though. :) 2 weeks to go!!!