Monday, July 16, 2007

Nesting in the form of sewing

Well I am here, officially one day overdue. This time tomorrow I will have a better idea of what is going on as I see the midwives at 2:30.

Well unlike the conventional mother to be who cleans and cleans and cleans some more, my form of nesting has become crafting, crafting and more crafting! I am so absolutely tired today, but do you think I could rest? No I have spent Ellyse's whole sleep time making gifts. My house looks like a bomb has hit it with fabric, interfacing and associated stuff everywhere! Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will feel like cleaning it??

Firstly I have made Ellyse a 'big sister' shirt. This hand stitching takes so long but I really do like the way it looks. I used some of the cherry print Corrie sent me as part of a prize. I am hoping that the little skirt I had already made Ellyse in this fabric may still fit. Otherwise I have some pants in mind.
Next, my girlfrind Kylie just had her second son Lochlan. i made him some gifts last week, but have been wanting to try some bunting so I had a go. Kylie made this gorgeous cot quilt for him, so when I saw this blue star fabric last week I just knew it was perfect. This was so easy, I haven't stitched the edges or around the lettering, I have just used 'heavy heave' interfacing and vlisoflex.
It has worked out a lot bigger than I thought, so for next time I would change the size of the triangles.

Then lastly today I made a Little Artists Drawing Case from this tutorial at Craft Apple for my friend's daughter's 4th birthday. I realised that she is having her party in just over a weeks time and if I didn't make it soon I could possibly still be in hospital come the party. I am also going to make her some bunting out of the left over fabric. Her name is Maya so it won't take me as long!

What I plan to do tonight is make some more paper chain dolls that fit into a smaller photo frame, these will go just inside Ellyse's door, I have chosen another spot for the mini blocks. I also need to put the other dolls together. Hopefully this can all get done before bub comes, it may even give some time to clean up!

Lastly I thought I would add my full term photo. I hate the way I look full term, my face gets so puffy. I more hate that the first photos we have with the baby I just don't look like me :(. Let's just hope I don't go too far over so it doesn't get any worse. I can't believe how big my little baby Ellyse looks in the photo - I know it will just be worse when bub is here.


Cass said...

Andrea you have been very busy. You look fantastic!

Belinda said...

Andrea - you look gorgeous! I can't wait to hear the 'news'. Good luck in the coming days!

Kylie said...

Oh Andrea - you have been a busy nesting mumma! LOL - I did the same thing with Amelia and then when she was born and in Special Care I used to sit and watch her and worked on a cross stitch (mind you THAT cross stitch is still unfinished!)

Marie said...

Love teh gifts - some fantastic ideas there. You look terrific - not really that puffy from that photo.

Natalie said...

I can't belive how much you've gotten done so close to your due date! I love everything, the applique looks beatuiful, the bunting is fantastic and the journal is a lovely gift too. I also think you look gorgeous :)