Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

What a magical time of the year, and sharing it with a s and a half year old made it even more special.

Ellyse is at quite a strange age as far as understanding Christmas is concerned. She knows and loves Santa and got the idea to ask him for gifts, but didn't really get the idea of waiting until Christmas night.

When we visited Santa at Myer, she asked him for a baby (she had been asking to take babies home from the shops and I had explained to her a number of times that Santa may bring her one for Christmas and suggested that she asked him for one). When Santa gave her the little gift bag she gave it back and said "no thank you I would like a baby please". It was very cute but also a little embarassing too.

Ellyse left a note for Santa along with a glass of milk and some rum balls. She loved 'writing' the note with daddy.

Both our little darlings woke at 7 Christmas morning, we had to remind Ellyse that Santa had been, she still didn't really get it. We took her out to show her the swing set he had left for her, she put one toe on the grass and discovered it was wet and decided to go back inside. She had a great time opening her other gifts, a giant floor puzzle, a Gracie Lou DVD and her stocking which included hair ties, books and jelly beans.

Then it was off to my parent's house, they live just around the corner making life easy! We opened gifts there, ate ham and runny eggs. It was very quiet at mum and dad's as neither of my sisters made the trip home this year. Very different to last year where we had everyone here for my sister's wedding. We put Ashton to bed and got ourselves ready for lunch at Keiran's parent's house. We had a lovely lunch and the gourmet nibbles and potato salad I made went down a treat. Ellyse and Ashton were both spoilt to bits and Ellyse was so pleased to recieve a baby with a dummy and a bottle from her Aunty. Kris Kringle was fun, my SIL ended up with the bag I made, I found it hard to tell if she liked it or not???

We came home at about 4:30, all very tired and ready for a sleep. We had a great day and look forward to next year when Ellyse should really be enchanted by it all.

Here are some of my favourite photos of Christmas 2007.

Enjoying the carols

Christmas lights

Christmas morning

Ashton enjoying the presents, well the wrapping anyway

Ellyse in her cousin's make up!

Some wonderful homemade gifts from a friend

I hope you all had a magical Christmas with your loved ones.


Helen said...

Merry Christmas Andrea! Love your Santa photo! Can't believe how big Ashton is getting!

ingridk said...

Sounds like you had a lovely christmas, Ashton looks like he was having fun with the wrapping paper (that was Elizabeths favourite part too LOL) and glad to hear that a doll was received in the end.