Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

For as long as I can remember my Mum has made rum balls at Christmas time. Gifts for teachers, family and friends, making the rum balls has always been a family occassion. We would all sit around the table and mix and roll until we were all done. With my mother's organisational skills, this was usually late at night before they were required as gifts! Really I should add that my Mum always worked really hard and it is commendable that she took the time to make hand made presesnts.

This morning I got all of my ingredients ready and started making my first batch of rum balls for this season, as soon as I smelt that rum mix with the condensed milk it all came back to me and suddenly it felt like Christmas time.
Ellyse had a wonderful time putting the Christmas tree up over the weekend, I am really enjoying this time with her, she really understands Christmas and what is going on. Only 20 more nights of "Is Santa coming tonight Mummy?" We are off to look at some Christmas lights this week and I just can't wait to capture the excitment.

And just for fun, Keiran and I hadn't put our stockings up yet, and we came out to find Ellyse 'dressed' in them, it was just so cute. I was going to post a pic but decided not too.


Kylie said...

Oh - Love the photos and the smell of rum balls - yumm - think that is on my list of things to do this year as I wont be getting any of mums! Oh and please do share the photos of Miss E in your santa sacks!

Andrea said...

Kylie, they are a bit on the nudie rudie side, that is why I thought twice about it.

Little Munchkins said...

I can practically smell the rum balls. How cute that Ellyse is getting excited about Christmas. I think it makes it even more exciting for us adults when the kiddies get excited.