Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our annual family holiday to Yamba - here again

I cannot believe it has been a year since I wrote this, Feb 2008 has come around so quickly, as has our annual family holiday. So off to Yamba we went. The Yamba tradition started about 13 years ago for us. Keiran went there to celebrate his 21st birthday with some friends, as the main purpose was for the surf. His best mate lives in Pt Macquarie and this is a greatmeeting point. Off course back then we did it rough and camped in a fantastic Caravan Park, nothing flash, just in a great location, no need for a car which I just love.

As our family has grown and our camping stuff slowly broke and wore out we started staying at The Sands. While I do love staying here I really miss the relaxed atmosphere of camping, and not having to get in the car. On the plus side though the pool at The Sands is just perfect for the kids and really is what keeps us going back. It sounds strange, but at least we know if the beach is yucky, or it is a bit rainy, the pool is just outside our door and is a great break.

While the weather wasn't perfect (poor K didn't even get his board wet!), it really was a great family holiday.

The first few days were us getting over a tummy bug - not the best start! From there it was all fun! We caught the ferry from Yamba over to Iluka and took a 6 km walk through the Bundjalung National Park to Bluff Beach, it was just absolutely glorious! We all ha a lovely swim and a play in the sand. We lef tit a little late to head back to the ferry and practically had to run back through the rainforest to make it! Funny now - not at the time though, the next ferry wasn't for another 2 hours!

Walking through the rainforest
The way Ashton spent most of the day, I still get so excited that Ashton sleeps so well in the pram (hence the photo) as Ellyse never did!
"Ocean are you there?"

We also spent a few afternoons at Angourie beach, and at some local beaches in Yamba too.

As the days were too windy to go to the beach we took a drive to Brooms Head and Sandon, these places were just lovely, so untouched and quiet. This definitely made us realise that camping and exploring holidays were the type of holidays we want for us and the kiddies. With K's new job came a Toyota Hilux, so he just loved going down all the bumpy dirt tracks looking for special little places.

Ashton just loved the beach and ate a whole lot of sand. The water was a bit cold for him so he just hung out alot cruising around the sand and gobbling up what he could. Ellyse has never really been a huge fan off the beach and really wanted to just spend her days jumping into the pool. We did however build some great sandcastles and take some lovely walks on the beach.

Not sure taht next year will take us back to Yamba, but we will be somewhere on the Clarence Coast.

Enjoy the photos

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Cass said...

Looks like a great holiday. I haven't been to Yamba for years but I actually have family living there and my dad grew up in the Ullmara/Grafton region. I really should go back