Sunday, August 31, 2008

The RaRa Skirt is making a comeback!

Who would have thought my favourite skirt when I was 12 would be worn by my 3 year old 20 years later? I spotted some in Target last week and thought they looked sweet so thought I would have a go. I have had this fabric sitting in my stash for awhile and Ellyse is pink crazy at the moment so I thought it would be perfect. I will admit to having unstitching once or twice while I got my head around how exactly I was going to do it, but I am most happy with the end result. I had seen this mariposa applique on Sandi Henderson's blog anf thought it would be perfect for a matching T.

Watch here how Ellyse goes from grumpy to happy in one shot! Had to include both sides of her!

and one from mothers group on Friday. Ellyse loves looking after Ashton while I am busy, who am I to argue?

I am not the only one getting ready for summer with skirts, check out these gorgeous skirts by EB sewing buddies Leah and Helen.

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Cass said...

Andrea great skirt. Looks like another staple for summer