Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Father's Day and some sneaky peaks

We had a very busy FD here as we also had a wedding to attend. Ellyse and Ashton made some handmade goodies, adn I also bought Keiran this book. I heard the author on the radio and just knew Keiran (and I) just had to read it. It will take hima while I am sure!

We had a lovely morning at home, then dropped the kids at K's parents' house for the afternoon. We don't relly do gifts for them (very sad I know), but I did make my dad this bag. He is so hard to buy for and I had this fabric - he loves everything old holden and even owns a few so it was perfect. I used this tutorial from Tin Whistle, although I made mine a lot bigger to make the most of the fabric.

Then in the afternoon we went to the wedding - here is the top I was so anxious about! I did feel a bit different to my 6 other friends who all wore dresses, but oh well.

And lastly a sneak peak at some gifts of love that should hopefully be arriving to their destinations tomorrow.


Cass said...

Andrea, you look great in the outfit. The book looks good I might have to get that for Jeff

Karen said...

Andrea I love your outfit, you look very glam! The bag is great too - that Holden fabric is great.

Little Munchkins said...

I agree, the outfit does look great.

Love the bag, must make one someday...my to-do list is so long!

Kylie said...

Andrea, the outfit looks great - and who cares what others wore as long as you fell nice that is all that matters.

Love the fabric in the bag - i have some here to make Baden a shirt in (grandpa already has a shirt in it)