Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Not a sewing post - a look at my gorgeous kids post!

Well with not one, but two machines out of action at the moment, there hasn't been any sewing going on here. I have been thinking alot about sewing and planning what I will do when the machines are all better, so that counts for something at least.
I am sure all of the mums out there know the feeling that your children are just the most beautiful and wonderful people you have ever seen. I just can't help feeling this way at the moment. Both Ellyse and Ashton are just being absolutely delightful and I am just loving the ages they are at.

Ellyse is such a little mummy, watching out for everyone and taking time to talk to her little friends that no one else can see - there is Ella, Bella, Arabella, LilyBelle (see the pattern here), then occassionally the boys join her, Zachary and Daniel. This make believe play has really started since she has been at the child care centre rather than FDC. She spends her days setting up beds for her babies, she plonks herself inbetween two of them with her scissors, paper, book and a pen, all the while telling children to lay down, go to sleep, I am busy writing in the book etc. I caught her telling a real friend last Friday that "If you don't listen to me Max I will have to pinch you" -I don't know where she got that from, hopefully not one of her teachers! Poor old Max, did not want to be forced to lay on his tummy while being patted and rocked to sleep by the 'teacher'.

She adores Ashton most of the time, she gets things for him and tried to find out what is wrong if he cries.

So here are some photos to celebrate my beautiful Ellyse-

I could go on, but I think that is enough.

And little Ashton, how can he be so like Ellyse in so many ways and then so differnet in others. I can't decide if it is a gender thing, second born thing, or just personality, but man he gets places Ellyse is still yet to discover. Ellyse didn't climb, open, bang anytning, she just sat and played. Little Ash is just into everything. While Ellyse is inside patting babies he is outside digging in the dirt. While Ellyse is hoping the water doesn't touch her toes while K is washing the car, Ash is covered head to toe in freshly cut grass while waving the running hose around. If there was one blade of grass on Ellyse we would have to call someone to help.

But what a snuggle bunny Ash is, he loves to cuddle all of us, he puts his thumb in and nuzzles up to you, it is just adorable.

How is that for photo overload? Aren't they just the cutest?


Kylie said...

Oh too cute kids!

Cass said...

Andrea they are very cute. Love the photo of you and Ellyse

The Humming Cat said...

2 machines out of action? That is so depressing! Go get them fixed asap!! Chop Chop!!

Karen said...

Andrea these are adorable photos! My personal favourites are the one of Ashton with the hose and Elysse with the goggles on - too cute.
Congratulations, they are truly lovely and your post is a delight to read - you obviously adore them.

Marie said...

Great photos Andrea. I wonder if it is a combo of second child and boy thing there, as Ashton sounds very similar to Scott - he loves playing with all things yucky that Jalisa still hasn't touched.

Corrie said...

oh you make beautiful children! how big is ellyse getting...I need to catch up on all the sewing girls blogs more often!