Sunday, November 09, 2008

Secret Santa Questions

Would you like something handmade as a gift?
I would love something handmade, but also understand that we are all busy and anything that is sent with me in mind will be truely appreciated!

Do you have a favourite Christmas Colour?
Red and gold are the Christmas colours in our home.

Do you decorate the whole house or just a part of it?
We decorate the area where the tree will be, as well as ornaments etc in the play area and lounge room.

Do you have any Christmas Traditions?
The kids have a stocking which is gifts from Santa. Last year they were given gorgeous sacks, we will pop those in their rooms this year and might become a tradition that they can look in there as soon as they wake up. Other than that none have really been established yet.

What sizes are your children?
Ellyse is a size 3
Ashton is a size 1

Do you like quick projects or things that take a little longer?
I love quick projects, I hate having WIP laying around, I forget about them and start something else!

Is there anything that you like to collect?
We don't collect anything specific, we definitely don't have a lot of Santa, snowmen etc around our home, I prefer stars, angels etc.

Is there anything you don't need?
I don't use FQ much, I find they sit in my stash as they are too small for a number of things I like to do.

Have fun, I can't wait!

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