Saturday, November 29, 2008

Secret Santa and the lighting of the tree

Our little family went off to the lighting of the Christmas Tree in the city last night. It was lovely for the kids to see it and be amongst all of the excitement. I was amazed at how many people there were there.

Yesterday was the first time that Ellyse has shown interest in wearing dress up clothes outside of the house. In fact she isn't even a really big dress up girl unless we have visitors, but yesterday she wanted to wear the hidious purple sparkly plastic high heels out, I was prepared and took some spare shoes which we did need. I don't think she will ask to do that again. The last night she wanted to wear her fairl dress. Seeing as she has had it for a year and hasn't really worn it I was only too happy to let her wear it. She looked gorgeous!

Tonight we are off to our Mother's Group Adults Christmas party (the kids one is next weekend), I decided to sew up this bag as one of the gifts. So many of the mums have asked about the one I made myself. This fabric is just from SL, it is a nice heavy canvasy type fabric.


Little Munchkins said...

Love the bag. I must look out for that fabric next time I am in SL. I love it.

Ellyse looks so cute in that fairy dress :)

Kylie said...

Great family shot - Amelia is starting to get into dressup at the moment too and keeps touching the ones at kmart and bigW everytime we walk in!