Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year


We are hoping for a wonderful year this year with many things happening in our family.

* we are hoping to begin and finish an extension of our home and renovation of the bathrooms and kitchen areas. We have been talking about this for at least two years now and it is both exciting and scary at the same time.

* Ellyse begins her formal education this year. She will be attending a C and K center , I am so excited for her and am so looking forward to watching her grow and thrive in a learning environment. Having studied for a Bachelor of Education majoring in Early Childhood I just love the philosophy of C and K and I know how much they will love and burture my gorgeous girl.

* Keiran will continue to work hard in his job - I was going to say new job but he has been there 18 months now. Although it is long hours he loves it a lot and gets so much job satisfaction it truely is worth it.

* I will not return to work this year, for the first time without having a newborn in my arms I will not be teaching in some capacity. It does feel strange but with Ellyse being at pre prep for 3 days from 9-2:30 it really makes it impossible to work - such a shame! I am really looking forwrad to some one on one time with Ashton.

* I hope to challenge myself in new things. Read more, learn more, sew more, maybe quilt more, spend less, think more before buying, use my fabric stash! Give more of myself to my family and friends and those in need.

Keiran has started the year with extreme motivation in his garden. It is at this time of the year that he is the most motivated (despite the heat). His plants are flowering and the garden is full of beautiful colour. Our friends love it when we visit as they know we will come with a gorgeous array of flowers and colourful leaves that make a great centerpiece and last for weeks.

We are so lucky that we have good soil here and that K spent the money preparing our soil well when we first started the garden, since the drought and the introduction on water restrictions we have not watered our garden at all and yet it continues to thrive. K asked me to take some photos of the garden earlier, I thought I would share some with you.

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