Monday, March 23, 2009

More swap photos

I thought I would post some pics of Ashton wearing the lovelies made by Lisa. I also forgot to mention in my previous post that they were all wrapped in a lovely, colourful piecce of fabric perfect for something for Ashton.
I apologise for the terrible photos, I had mini mum telling Ashton "Come on darl smile for your sister (I am the sister and she is the mum apparentely!)


Little Munchkins said...

Well done Lisa!

The clothes look good on him, 'sister' LOL

Cass said...

The clothes look great, good job Lisa. Andrea I can't believe how big he is looking

Karen said...

He's so cute - great outfit.
Ellyse wants in on the action I think!

Brissmiths said...

Great outfit - looks like the kids were having fun for the photo. Susan

ingrid said...

Aww he looks gorgeous!