Thursday, September 02, 2010

One down

I am very happy to be back here so quickly with the skirt made. It was really easy and I think it has come together nicely. I made it a touch wider for Ellyse but I still think it may be too small. I just have to trim the belt down as it is way too long, which was lucky because I ran out of fabric to make the loops and was just going to have to sew it down.

This fabric is from a swap I recieved from Natalie a few years ago and I think it is just perfect for this skirt.

As soon as the skirt was finished Ashton put it on and was dancing around in it. I couldn't resist totally dressing him (shoes and all - actually they were his idea!) to see what it would look like as an outfit.

When Ellyse got home she was very excited to see her new skirt and has been wearing it all afternoon and it has now had its first wash after some tomato sauce landed on it at dinner.

I love this photo, he is such a cheeky monkey
give me a twirl Ash!

I am not totally happy with the pleats, or how it sits at the top but a good iron might fix that.


Little Munchkins said...

Oh my, I didn't really notice it was Ash until you said it! He looked like Ellyse at a glance when I was reading what you wrote and hadn't looked properly at the pics yet.

The skirt looks cute on, I am not at all surprises Ellyse loves it. Great job Andrea!

Natalie said...

The skirt looks great, is it the paper bag tutorial? I would love to give it a go for Cheriese. I remember that fabric too, I have some left here to make into a skirt for my little miss too.

Karen said...

Oh well done Andrea - you only just posted that list of things to do and have conquered one already!