Saturday, August 28, 2010

The start of a list..

I found this blog recently and am in love. I love many of the ideas on here but here are a few on my to do list.

The paper bag skirt
Boys tees
Satin flower headband (great Christmas gift for young and not so young)

That is all for now but I am sure I could find many more projects on there. I just hope my sew jo returns, I am forever surfing bloglines looking at all of the wonderful creations but never get organised to do any of them.


Karen said...

It's an excellent blog isn't it - so many grea things to make.
I am also loving this one at the moment too - they have some sweet stuff on here - including a very cute stretch dress pattern for free.

Andrea said...

thanks Karen. That blog does look great. I have just given my bloglines a good tidy up so looking for new blogs to follow (and keep up with!).