Friday, November 03, 2006

My first library bag finished!

Library bags were my idea for Christmas presents for Ellyse's little friends this year. This first one is for my good friend Kylie's little boy Mitchell. I love the bold colours and am so happy with the way it has turned out.
I did the blanket stitch by hand around each letter which was very time consuming but it looks great, better than the machine stitched one I had already done!
This one will go to Mitchell early as they are on holidays on the Sunshine Coast (from Mackay) and will be in Brisbane next week. I just can't wait to give it to him!


Cass said...

Andrea, they look great. I was going to ask how the lettering went. Well done on hand sewing it.

Hannahmania said...

Looks wonderful!! Great job! :)

Helen said...

Andrea, this looks fantastic!!!! Well done! Love the colours, Mitchell is going to love it! Know just what you mean about blanket stitching taking forever by hand, it does look great though. You'll have to give us a close up so we can admire your stitches! :)

Kylie said...

Well Done Andrea, Love the Bag and you will never guess what - I am a Mackay girl - well grew up there anyway (until I met DH and he is now taking me around the world, got to love the Army!)

Flossie said...

That is a great bag I love it, it is nicer than the ones I have seen at a online gift shop and they sell for $35 each.