Monday, November 20, 2006

Sewng orders

This is some sewing I have done for mums at mothers group. The spottu fabric was also used to make a library bag and when there was lots left over the mum asked me to make some shorts and a skirt.
I need to add something to the little shirred top yet to break up that green. Not sure what I will do. I was going to applique some circles with the colours in them but the spots are quite far apart and I would only get one colour in each circle. So I was thinking either a line of the spotty fabric - although not sure if I hae enough, or some purple and white rick rack. I am open to suggestions here, what do you think?

This is a Christams skirt for another little girl in Mothers Group. I love Christmas and love seeing kids in Christams clothes.

I was thinking of cutting out and appliquing in the shape of holly for a t-shirt.


Natalie said...

gorgeous outfits Andrea! I especially love the christmas skirt. Umm, not sure about the top, could you cut out some larger circles from the spotty fabric? I think it looks fine as it is though too, when it's plain it can go with anything.

tigerfilly said...

They look lovely Andrea - Does your sewing machine do circles? You could embroider some cirles at intervals around the bottom of the top??

novy said...

You have been very busy! I can't decide which one I like best as they are all lovely :)

I think plain green is fine for the shirred top too. Natalie and Tigerfilly have given great suggestions too so you could do that if you wanted to.

Cass said...

Looking good Andrea. Well done on the orders

Helen said...

Wow Andrea! You have been a busy sewing bee! You will have the best dressed MG in the country at this rate! LOL

blondebabypeaches said...

they look great - I esp love the green and spotty combo - I love it plain, that way it can go with anything!