Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ellyse in her apron

Ellyse has been really wanting to get into the arts and crafts lately. It is so fun to watch her experiment and learn with colour, shape, brushes etc.

Today I cut out some butterfly shapes and we painted them, she thought it was just great. I got her to wear her apron that I made, she thinks she is very special when she wears it.

My little baby girl is growing up too quickly!


Cass said...

Andrea the apron looks great and Ellyse is growing into a big girl now

Kylie said...

I am sure that Ellyse will get lots of use out of her new apron. She really looks as though she is getting into painting that butterfly.

Helen said...

Andrea, this apron is so lovely! Ellyse looks quite into her painting there!

Corrie said...

oh I want keira to be older and get into her aprons (she has a few waiting) and do craft with mummy!!!
she is soooo cute!!!!!