Saturday, March 17, 2007

My new cabinet and today's sewing

Today I picked up my new sewing cabinet, a very generous gift from my mum's old next door neighbour. I am so excited to have my own little space to sew. I set it up straight away and got to work. I must admit it felt a bit different for awhile, the machine is now a lot further away from me than I am used to - but I think I can deal with that. I just put the overlocker there and stood when I needed to use it. It fits beautifully into the lowest draw space which is really a cupboard.

It is my closest firend's daughter's 1st birthday this week, as the second girl born she has so many toys to play with already so I decided to make her a little pinafore for winter. Not sure if you can tell but this is a printed corduroy. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I have enough to make Ellyse a pinafore too, and a matching one for Lauren's big sister one too. It was a nice easy pattern.

I then put together another library bag for yet another 2nd birthday present. I have been making these for the kids at mothers' group for their birthdays. I love the way Max's has come out. I am going to change the design of these bags to include a handle rather than the drawstring. I think it will be easier for the kids to carry.


Kim said...

Gorgeous pinafore! Love the cabinet too. Not bad for free!

Cass said...

Andrea, they cabinet looks great and can't wait to hear about those vintage patterns. Also the presents look good too.

ingrid said...

Oh I bet you are all inspired to sew even more now that you ahve the cabinet. It looks great.
And I love the little pini. I have some of that cord too. It is gorgeous for winter.

Helen said...

Andrea! You have been a busy bee! Loooooove the new cabinet! Lucky girl! And very cute pini dress too. :)

ingridk said...

I love that cabinet, it must be sooo nice to feel organised.