Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What colour would you wear with..

..this skirt?

Sorry for the bad photo, it is late and I am tired and really want to get to bed!

I was always thinking yellow, and even have my eye on one to get......but Keiran thinks getting a red/deep pink would be better. It was too late to argue so I thought I would get your opinion.

And for those lovely EB girls who helped me make my decision on which dress to wear last Saturday night here are a few pics.....early in the night, trust me I don't want to show the ones later in the night, they might ruin my reputation (not that bad really).


in stitches said...

Hi Andrea, I agree with Keiran, the red & deep pink top would look great. It would bring out of the flowers & not just blend in with the skirt.


Kylie said...

ANdrea - sorry I will have to agree with Keiran as well. I bought a yellow shirt that I thought would look good with a skirt and it draws me out (we have similar colouring so I would say it would do the same for you) The skirt looks great by the way!

Cass said...

I have to agree with Keiran as well (don't you hate it when men are right about colours/clothes).

Little Munchkins said...

I too have to agree with Kieran. I think pink would go well too. Don't tell him we said that ;)