Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once you try this...... will NEVER be without it again!

A good friend of mine visited from London recently and as she knows how I love to bake she bought me a lovely gift. She always comes with a few of these for her mum and decided to treat me this time too.

I have never really given cocoa powder a second thought......but OH.MY.GOODNESS. My chocolate self saucing puddings will never be the same again, nor will the basic chocolate slice recipe I have been using, or my Mum's rum ball recipe that everyone raves about at Christams time...they won't know what has hit them this Christmas.

I was excited to realise that we have a shop in our Shire called "Britan on the Bayside" and that the owners are parents of a little boy in Ellyse's prep class. I asked the mum about it but sadly they don't stock it. I just knew I had to get some more so got online and found that many organic websites sell it. I ordered it and some other stuff from Organics Australia Online. I had a visitor coming for lunch yesterday and couldn't wait to make some more Chocolate Slice and see if she noticed the difference....she did.

Now this is no good for the diet I am on but just thought I would spread the word for all of the other bakers out there. If you see it around buy it, you will not be disappointed!

Oh and I am hoping this is the start of some more regular blogging. The fog of 6 months of interrupted sleep is hopefully beginning to clear and I am making lists of creative things to do for Christmas.

And just because it has been a while here are some pics of my gorgeous kiddies!

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