Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret Santa and other secret stuff

A big thank you to Natalie for our wonderful SS parcel. Natalie has gone to so much effort to create something individual for me and the kids. I just love everything.

Included in the parcel was

- an appliqued shirt for Ashton (both sides, how cute is that?)

- a shirt with heart shaped yo yos and other gorgeousness for Ellyse

-a ruffle apron for me
-magazines for me
-some tree ornaments for decorating our home
-all wrapped in some beautiful floral fabric that will no doubt become something for Ellyse.

Thanks so much Natalie, we truely appreciate your effort.

I have been working on some other secret stuff tonight, all will be revealed tomorrow - actually that is today as it is 2 am!!!

And just to finish a photo of alittle outfit I gave to a little one yee old (Ellyse speak) on Sunday. My present was the last to be opened and prior to that the mum had opened about 4 sets of Pumpkin Patch clothes so I was feeling a little nervous. I was so pleased when she told me afterwards how much it meant to her that I had put in the effor to create something. My satin stitch is totally dodgy, especially the wheels, but she didn't seem to notice.


Little Munchkins said...

What a lovely bundle of items from Natalie! I love the t-shirt which looks like a Blues Clues inspired one. DS loves the show.

Can't wait to see the secret package. I am guessing it is the versatile skirt?

Brissmiths said...

What a wonderful SS. Thanks for organising the meet-up today we had a great time. And for such a thoughtful gift, it was a wonderful surprise :)

Cass said...

Great SS things frm Natalie. Can't wait to see that secret package either

Natalie said...

So happy to hear that you like my SS. I Love the set you made, it's lovely to hear how appreciated it was too!