Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas

What a joy it is to feel and see te joy of Christmas through our children's eyes. This is the first year that Ellyse has had a little understanding of Christmas, but I still don't think she entirely 'got it'. But she definitely got it enough to be excited and overjoyed with her gifts.

She did totally forget it was Christmas though, she walked staright past her presents under the tree into our room, after about 25 minutes the following conversation occurred -

E - "Mummy is it Christmas today?"
A - "Yes darling it is."
E - "Oh ok then."

A - relieved to get anouther 5 minutes lay in bed until Ash woke and we decided we should get up. Even when we got up she was more interested in having breakfast thanseeing the presents, and that Santa had eaten the biscuits. So innocent and so cute.

Santa bought Ellyse a new (big girl) bike, we cannot believe how good she is on it. She also got a scooter from mum, I am sure Ashton thinks they are for him too. It is too cute watching him trying to climb up onto the bike. An accident waiting to happen for sure.

Here she is riding her bike -

My darling husband surprised me with a new sewing machine. I was complaining about my walking foot last week and told him taht would be a great gift - turns out the machine he bought me came with a free walking foot, he told me he bought me a walking foot that came with a free machine!

It is a Janome Quilters Companion and I am not really sure what it can do yet. I know it has 60 stitches (including a blanket stitch hich will save me so much time!) and that it has electronic functions.

I have started sewing on my new machine, I have made two little skirts for some gorgeous twin girls who we will visit tonight. They are friends of friends and when our friends are in town we often meet up at their house. Megan has commented on sewing I have done for my friend's little girl so I thought it was a good excuse to use my new machine.

I saw this tutorial last week and liked the little ruffle so I used that idea with a normal elastic casing waist - nothing fancy but I think they look quite sweet. I know Megan will love them. Ashton is the same age as the twins so I used him as a model and for sizing - he is loving Ellyse's sunnies at the moment which also adds to the look.

I am looking forward to quilting the little dolls quilt I made earlier in the week on my new machine.

I just had to add pics of these gorgeous handmade gifts my friend sent for Ellyse and Ash, they are just adorable and I can't wait to take them off the tree and hang them in their rooms.


Little Munchkins said...

Looks like everyone got great pressies. I love your new SM and the blanket stitching would come in handy I am sure.

Those skirts look cute too. Might try that tutorial one day.

Cass said...

Andrea looks like a great day. I love your model too.

Natalie said...

Oooh congrats on the new machine! I've still yet to have a good play with all the new stitches on mine too (think it's a similar model to yours). The skirts look adorable, the ruffle is so sweet.

Nicol said...

I can't believe you didn't send me this pic of Ashton! Classic. And you didn't tell me about the new machine. How exciting. He is a great Hubby. Happy sewing.