Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's a wrap

My latest Versatile Wrap is complete and it was decided by all that pink was the colour to use as a top so here it is!

The pattern is designed by Toni at Make It Perfect. I was lucky enough to win a competition that she ran on her blog and recently I recieved the pattern for The Summer Fling in my letterbox. I am really excited and can't wait to give it a go. Thanks Toni.

This next photo is a little set I made as a gift for a one year old little boy. I have actually made another pair of shorts for another little boy, but I (but most likely Keiran) have misplaced the top so I can't finish it just yet.

and lastly a sneak peak at my EB Secret Santa. I sent it off to the recipient today, I hope she likes it all. I definitely enjoyed sewing for you!


Little Munchkins said...

Pink definitely looks good with the skirt.

I can't wait to see the package you have sent to your SS. I am certain it is going to be fantastic.

Cass said...

The skirt looks great, what did you think of doing the buttons

Brissmiths said...

Love the skirt with the pink. Mmmm your ss looks interesting. Can't wait for the reveal!

Karen said...

Oh that skirt is lovely Andrea - I hope it's not going camping with you -or that the camping area is clean!!

The T and shorts are sweet too, I made some T's very similar last year and they were very well received.

Kylie said...

The skirt looks great - glad that you went with the pick - it looks good. The SS looks interesting - looking forward to seeing who receives it!

Beetlehouse Designs said...

I love the skirt Andrea, and the fabric is to die for.