Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ellyse's New Party Skirt

Well what a busy sewing day I had today. I made the little skirt for my friend's 6 month old DD, it is to match the one I gave her other DD. I did this while Ellyse was sleeping. I desperatley wanted to start on a skirt for Ellyse for a BBQ we are going to tomorrow, but really needed some of her other clothes to help with measurements.

So I managed to sew this when she was up. DH was mowing the lawn so I had to try and keep her away from the machine to get it done. I am such an impatient sewer, when I start it I want it finished NOW!

I am so so happy with the skirt. It still isn't sitting as nicely as I would like. I have a little theory on how PP cut the fabric for the skirt. I am thinking that maybe it is much wider at the top than the bottom - what do you think? There skirts just seem to be so gathered at the top but there soesn't seem to be the same amount of fabric at the bottom IYKWIM??

Anyway I am going to test the theory on a scrap bit of fabric and see!

I struggle a little to think of tops that Ellyse can wear with these skirt I continue to make her. She has one gorgeous white top that my sis sent over from London, I would love to try and copy it but it looks a little tricky. May head to the shops tomorrow and see what is there. I sooooo want a SL near me (or do I?).

Well hopefully I will get a chance to finish my softie and then will pack the sewing machine away for a bit!

Just wanted to add these pics of some patterns I picked up for $1.50 the other day. I like the dress in the second one. I loved Ellyse being in the hospital gowns when she was a bub so I got the other one to make some for bub number 2......whenever that may be???

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Cass said...

Andrea, that skirt looks great on Ellyse. I got the exact same material and I am going to make some pants for Charlotte with it.

Also one thing I have noticed with PP is they sometimes use thinner elastic. I have used a thinner elastic on a skirt for Charlotte and it did seem to fall a bit better.