Saturday, September 30, 2006

The finished skirt

Just thought I would show you what I had done to the skirt hem!

I will post of the gorgeous Ellyse in it tomorrow!


Cass said...

That looks good Andrea

Leah said...

Looks lovely, well done. I adore that fabric.

Liv said...

Love the fabric. Where did you get it?

I dont think it would have looked harsh finishing on the pattern. Looks good how you have it, but for future, i think hems are that far down it doesnt really matter for something that wide.

LOVE the skirt. Is it your pattern?

novy said...

That looks fantastic! Love the fabric.

Andrea said...

Thanks for your comments girls.
I adore the fabric too, it is just from good old SL! I was so excited when I found it as I couldn't see the feature part, I pulled it out and theought 'yeah, something a bit different', seems Cass and tigerfilly thought the same! LOL!

Liv, it is 'my' pattern, as in I measured a few of her skirts, and shorts for length/width, I knew I wanted a little yoke/band part and I wanted it quite gethered.
Worked out ok!

candi said...

I love that fabric! I made a twirly skirt using the strip as the waist band!

brazen's crafts said...

now that i see what you mean i do agree that the pink strip looks great! can't wait to see a pic of her wearing the finished product!

ps: my gf also bought that fabric to make a birthday present for her gf's little girl!!!