Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More sewing for Ellyse

Well honestly I just cannot stop sewing for little Ellyse. I am just loving it! I made her a dress on Saturday, it still needs buttons and the ruffle completed. Oh and I cut the dress with the overlocker so that needs mending too.
I made her these pants yesterday. I was planning on making them 3/4 length but that didn't kind of work out!
I did some applique but the stitching is very dodgy so will probably unpick that at some stage and restitch.
She wore them out today and looked very cute.

I went to two fabric shops today and didn't buy anything!!! Not that I didn't want to. I just thought I should get through the fabric I have here first. Apart from the fact that the SL I went to is a disaster area and it made me mad just to try to get through there. SOOOOO different to my little local fabric store.


Natalie said...

The pants are just gorgeous Andrea!!! I love the colour and also think that the applique looks great too.

lolliegirl said...

Awwww!! They are sooo cute! What a GREAT idea to applique the flowers on them!! Well done!

Cass said...

Love it! She looks so cute

Helen said...

Love the frilly ruffle on the hem!!! So cute!