Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Holidays

I always love it when the school holidays come around. So many of my dear friends are teachers and have happened to settle into their married lives all up the east coast of Queensland. I miss them all so much! Many of them make the trip to Brisbane for some part of the holidays and I love being able to catch up with them and their little ones.

This morning my friend S and her daughter C came over for a play. C is about 3 months younger than Ellyse and it is so lovely to see them play together. S has had a rough time over the last 3 months, she had an ectopic pregnancy and lost an ovary. She amazed me with her optimism and contentment with C.

When they left I got into my sewing, it had been a week and I was ready to get back into it. By nature I am a generous person and love to spoil people with gifts of love. I just adore the moment when the gift changes hands. The look on the face of the person and their joy at being made feel so special. Today I made a skirt for my absolutley adorable neice M. We have always had a special bond and I love doing special things for and with her. Sewing for someone else is an amazing feeling. I kept thinking of M the entire time I was sewing, thinking of how she would like the skirt, what she would wear with it and the joy of her telling her friends that her Aunty Andie made her that skirt! This is another reason I love school holidays. My neice M and her brother C come to stay every school holiday, they always have. Now that Ellyse is growing up it is even more special. We have a little tradition of making pizzas and going on a special outing. They are such amazing kids that they are just so appreciative of whatever it is I have planned, even if it is just a trip to the park!

When Ellyse woke from her sleep I visited another friend who was here from Mackay. We worked together at a little country school up there. She had her third daughter 3 months ago. She was such an important part of my life when I was posted to Mackay. I didn't know anyone and she was one of my rocks while I was there. I treasure her friendship and love catching up with her when I am in Mackay, or when she is here. Her newest addition A is just gorgeous.

Next week I am seeing another friend who will be in town. We are meeting at a park. She has a little boy who is so different to Ellyse. I just can't wait to see them play together again! She is another dear friend who I am so pleased I take the time to stay in touch with.

Sometimes it can be hard work to maintain these relationships, especially as we are all mums. I value all of my friendships as they all offer me something different. I love knowing I have a place in these people's lives and that they love to catch up with me too.

It is very unlike me to pour my heart out like that, I am not sure why I felt the need to do that. It feels good though and has made me think that I need to let these people know that I appreciate them and the time they give to me. Anyway this is meant to be a sewing blog......


lolliegirl said...

I couldn't go past without replying. What you wrote is so lovely and so true. You sound like a beautiful person and your friends are so lucky to have you in their lives :) Thank you for sharing some of YOU with us :)

candi said...

Hey Andrea,

I think it is nice to write some more personal stuff in our blogs. I've been doing a bit of that lately!

I love the fabric you've used for your niece's skirt. I'm making a yellow and pink one at the moment, I sewed over one of the layers and thought of you!

Leah said...

What a lovely way to start my day, reading your words. How lucky you are to have such great friends - and vice versa!

Cass said...

Andrea, what you wrote is beautiful. I agree it is hard to keep up with friends a long way from you. I have a very close friend in Qld and I love catching up with her or just chatting on the phone and it's like we have never been apart. I agree with Candi good to put some personal stuff on here.