Monday, September 18, 2006

The skirt that WAS going so well!

Well I was doing so well with this skirt. I was zooming along, doing a very neat job when I sewed layers of fabric together that weren't meant to go together :(
Anyway there was a lot of unpicking and restitching, then the bobbin ran out, so more unpicking and more stitching. I finally got finished and realised I had cut the fabric the wrong way as it is quite strethy and the stretch in going vertically, not horizontally. It just doesn't sit right.

I still can't get the measurements right for Ellyse, this is too big, I think each teir is a little wide also. Maybe I should stick to sewing form a pattern???

Sorry for the bad photos , she just wouldn't stay still, and for her messy blanket shelf!


Cass said...

Andrea, while it looks a bit big on Elyse it looks fine otherwise so maybe you should sell it.

ingrid said...

Even with all the dramas, it still looks sweet. I am sure the next one will be perfcet. I much prefer having a pattern too. I like having a bit of structure iykwim.

brazen's crafts said...

it looks lovely!

Leah said...

I really like the material & I think it looks great. I'm with you, I like patterns, I always feel like I'm going to waste all that material!