Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ellyse's new party dress

Ellyse really didnt need a new dress, but I had bought this fabric a while ago and then when I bought a Simplicity pattern the dress on the front was coloured in simialar fabric so I just had to make it.
The neckline was a little fiddly, and I ended up making it up myself but other than that it was easy. I am really happy with it. I don't really think that yellow is Ellyse's colour but the coloured dots help.
Here she is all dressed up ready to go out and celebrate her Uncle's birthday.

I had to add this one of Ellyse and her beautiful nephew, he had the best time chasing her tonight, she was squealing with delight when I took this, it was just magic!

Oh I just remembered that when my bil's girlfriend had Ellyse someone commented on her dress - LOVE it!


Cass said...

Andrea, great dress,she looks beautiful as usual

Julie said...

Very cute dress - it looks bought!!
Very professional looking

Natalie said...

That is such a sweet dress! I love bright colours on children, better than all the drab ones in the shops.

Liv said...

GREAT work.

Love the dress. Pretty neckline too.

Helen said...

Andrea, its beautiful!!! Well done! Love the rick rack too! :)