Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am sewing again!

Well it feels like ages since I have sewen, but yesterday and today I have been back into it big time.
Yesterday I made two hats the same. One for a friend's DD and one for Ellyse. It is a little bit small and because of this Ellyse hated having it on her head. Today was a new day though and she was more than happy to try it on - you will notice though that she was restrained at the time!

I went to SL today to get some denim to complete my fabric challenge. I had pictured in my head exactly what I wanted to do. I was supried at the cost of denim ($14.95 m), lucky I am extremely happy with the outcome!
Thanks to Novy who came to the rescue with some close up pics and instructions on how to do a cuff. I did ok until it came time to fold the cuff up and I realised I had forgotten Nivy's original tip about making sure it was stitched first! Oops. There is now no cuff, it is folded under instead. I am still happy with the look.
I am not so happy with the top, it is clumsily made and is a bit small. She will get a little wear out of it.
I love the completed outfit though and am looking forward to seeing what others do with the fabric!


lolliegirl said...

Oooh, I love it. The top is cute and I love the matching (non) cuff! Great job, You've come so far from when we first 'met' you!

Cass said...

Wow it looks great Andrea. A job well done.

novy said...

That looks great Andrea! Love the cuffs too. That top looks like one I made before using a Simplicity pattern, did you use the same pattern?

I was about to do the PP top when Mum told me DD has too many clothes :( It is true, I buy so many and now make some myself. I have told myself to wait a little while and then make the PP top for her. Thanks for the instructions.

Hannahmania said...

Lovely!! I love the matched (almost) cuff! Hat is cute too!!

Flossie said...

Wow you are amazing that outfit is divine. I also love the hat and her bib she is wearing is very cute did you make it too? You get so much sewing done all the time.

Leah said...

So so cute! I'm getting such inspiration here.... and I adore the hat! Is it hard?

Julie said...

Andrea, the outfit looks just fantastic!!!

Andrea said...

Thanks girls, you are too kind! I am just pleased you can't see it IRL, no it's not that bad.
I didn't think I would go for the blue but I love it on Ellyse, it would have to be one of my favourite things I have sewn.